I came across the Microcosmographia Academia in one of Niranjan‘s slides (which are an interesting view into the world of academic politics and bureaucracy) and then found it in full at the webpage of Dr Utting of Kent University. It’s a lovely satire on academic politics from 1908 in the form of a short pamphlet. Just short enough, in fact, that I’ve wasted a good hour typesetting it [pdf,tex]. It starts with this small ‘advertisement’:

If you are young, do not read this book; it is not fit for you;
If you are old, throw it away; you have nothing to learn from it;
If you are unambitious, light the fire with it; you do not need its guidance.

But, if you are neither less than twenty-five years old, nor more than thirty;
And if you are ambitious withal, and your spirit hankers after academic politics;
Read, and may your soul (if you have a soul) find mercy!


Python Notes

January 26, 2009

The next few posts are going to be more little things about Python that I’m moving from my old site… I think it’s good that they live here where I can search them and so on.

Hello World

January 23, 2009


I’m here to blog about my adventures in dynamic modelling and machine learning. I’ve got a PhD in spatiotemporal modelling, and I’ve been post-docing for a year and a half studying behaviour in a couple of different contexts. This work has covered quite a broad range of techniques in dynamic modelling, and has introduced me to some new ways of coding (mostly involving Python). So I thought it might be useful to write all this stuff down.